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Meet The Owners

Kelly Mann

How did you get involved in the home improvement industry?

I have over 40 years of experience in the home improvement industry. Our father started a furniture and carpet business in 1962, but dropped the furniture aspect to focus on carpet in the 1970s. He had to pivot over to carpet in the early 80's because of the real estate crash. My brother, Earl, and I took it over in 1987 after our dad's retirement. I learned the business from the ground up! I've installed carpet, done sales and now I helm the ship! I know the ins and outs of the industry.

What excites you most about home renovation?

I suppose it's not so much about home renovation, but what excites me is what I want to bring to this industry. A home renovation project can be an overwhelming task for our customers. My goal is to make the things simpler for everyone! The customer, the installer and everyone in-between. I want this company to be a one-stop shop for all home improvement needs and consolidate transactions from end to end.

What is your favorite thing about working with a customer, from beginning to end?

I love being able to go into a project and understand exactly what the customer needs and fulfill those in the most cost-effective way, without sacrificing quality. My background really helps me with the finer details ensuring that we can deliver efficient, high quality products to make the customer's home look magnificent.

What are three reason to choose California Renovation?

We coordinate the design and delivery to define the scope of your project. Our goal is to connect trades and service providers for quality, value-driven results every time.

We provide the connections and resources to bring your project to reality faster with more thorough service because we know time is precious and we are using your time.

We take responsibility for the jobs we do. Unfortunately, you can never say "There will never be an issue". If there's ever a problem, we are going to solve it.

Do you support any charities or philanthropic causes?

I have personally gone to New York to participate in the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation to help raise money for veterans. Carpet One members raised over $100,000 dollars to build homes designed to help our wounded and disabled veterans lead semi-normal lives. Meeting those veterans in person is an experience I’ll never forget.    

Earl Mann

How did you get involved in the home improvement industry?

I personally have over 40 years’ experience in construction. My friends and I spent a lot of Summers building tree forts and racing motorcycles. That little bit of experience building tree forts landed me a job working for my brother, Mickey, every summer building homes from the foundation to the roof. But then the early 1980's hit and there weren't any jobs for framing homes, interest rates were just too high! That's when my father decided to open a small carpet company. I began to install carpet full time after high school and I learned a how to install sheet vinyl, aka linoleum, on the side. When my dad retired, he passed the carpet business on to Kelly and I.

What excites you most about home renovation?

Nothing beats walking up to a piece of bare land and months later there is a house. On the renovation side, Floor covering and Cabinets change the entire look of the inside of the home! You can take a house built in the sixties with old, tired cabinets and outdated floors and make it look like a new home!

What would you tell someone who is considering hiring California Renovation?

When we hire the installer, it is our responsibility to make sure the installation is executed correctly. Quality of the installation has 100% to do with the look of the finished product. If a customer were to buy a product from us and hire a third-party installer, we won't be able to fix a problem if their installer does the work incorrectly or sloppily. In fact, most installation issue are because the installer did not follow the manufacturer's recommended installation method.

What makes California Renovation different from the competition?

 Great service speaks for itself. We have Experienced sales staff with extensive product knowledge. We can offer fast delivery on in-stock items and we hand pick all of our installers to ensure the project gets done right the first time. If it's not, we'll make sure you are happy with the end result.     

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