Consumer Sales

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Sales & Store Manager

Hi, I'm Melany and I am the store manager. I'm also a sales specialist.

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Flooring Consultant

I have been in the flooring industry for nearly 35 years now. In order for me to be successful, I need the support of my fellow team members and systems in place that can optimize the

service that I deliver to my clients. At California Renovation in Roseville, Earl and Kelly Mann have fostered an environment that helps add credibility to the finished job - each and every time. To me, flooring is an essential commodity. However, it does wear out, and over time, it starts to look old. On the contrary, friendships and relationships are what endures; I earnestly seek those first - even before asking for the order. Your business is very very important to me. More important to me, though, is the business from your friends, neighbors, and associates that you send my way. I love to validate your recommendation to these prospective clients. I would love to help you plan your next flooring project. And along the way, add another loyal friendship.



Sales Specialist

I have been here at California Renovation for 4 years. Prior to my time here, I have been in the flooring business for over 21 years, combining to over 25 years of providing home improvement services to my customers. For these years, I have primarily been involved with flooring, but my experience also includes window coverings, tile work, and the care and maintenance of furnishings. I enjoy guiding customers through the process of choosing products and services that fit well into their needs and desires. Every home has a unique story, and I relish the opportunity to help improve the enjoyment of each home.


I have been California Renovation - Roseville Carpet One's Warehouse/Installation Coordinator since 1999. I handle all the shipping and receiving of our inventory and in a multi-million dollar business, that's no small task. I also oversee the logistics for all our flooring projects, including cutting and staging. In my spare time, I enjoy restoring vintage cars and mountain biking.

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Outside Sales

Hi, I'm Rob. I'm the Outside Sales Representative for California Renovation. Nice to meet you!

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Warehouse & Installation Coordinator

Commercial Sales